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Prison Ministries

Free Christian Resources : Prision Ministries


  • Abe Brown Prison Ministries - An outreach based in Tampa, Florida, seeks to evangelize, counsel, and restore families that are broken as a result of incarceration in Hillsborough County.  

  • Abounding Love Ministries - Non-profit ministry of a born again ex-member of the Manson family currently serving time in prison. Site features articles, books and personal testimonies.  

  • Alpha Course for Prisons - Introduction to the Christian faith and usually run over 10 weeks. Features course basics, publications, and conferences.  

  • The Altar of Ed Ministry - Working to bridge the gap between prison ministry and churches by integrating former inmates as productive members of society. Features a newsletter, guest speakers and a mentorship program.  

  • Bible Believers Fellowship - Christian prison ministry reaching inmates nationwide with the love, hope and salvation of Jesus Christ through Bibles, newsletters, tracts, videos and counseling.  

  • Bill Bailey Ministries - Bringing the gospel to the men and women incarcerated in Florida state prisons who may otherwise never receive the Good News.  

  • Cephas Buffalo Prison Ministry - Focusing on meeting the inner needs of those in prison and on parole through the development of relationships with volunteers. Features event listings and newsletters.  

  • Chapel of Hope - Building chapels in Texas prisons in order to provide every inmate with an opportunity for spiritual renewal. Site features chapel updates, newsletter and testimonies.  

  • Chaplin Bob's Youth and Jail Ministry - Providing inmates with free tracts and tapes of Bible material defending the Word of God.  

  • Christian Ambassadors - Offering a Christ centered, spiritual growth ministry to inmates through correspondence, lesson material, personal witness and friendship. Features testimonies, newsletter and online lessons.  

  • Christian Videos for Prisons - Free, high-quality Christian video libraries provided to financially needy prison chaplains for evangelism and discipleship. Helping chaplains change hearts and lives.  

  • Church of Christ Prison Ministry of Florida - Dedicated to the idea that as long as there are prisons, Christians should minister to prisoners. Features listings of prison and after care programs, a newsletter and available guest speakers.  

  • Churches' Criminal Justice Forum - London, England. Inter-denominational network of churches in Great Britain upholding Christian values in the field of criminal justice.  

  • Conquest Offender Reintegration Ministries CORM - Christ-centered Washington, DC ministry working with prisoners and ex-offenders to help them successfully reintegrate into society following a prison term.  

  • Cypress Wesleyan Church Prison Ministry - Site produced by volunteers of Central Ohio church ministering to incarcerated. Includes daily devotional messages written by inmates for inmates.  

  • Epiphany Ministry - For young men and women who are in the custody of juvenile justice facilities. Based on Cursillo and Kairos. Includes history, calendar, news, and locations.  

  • Epiphany Ministry of Texas - Texas prison ministry for juveniles. Includes forms, news, facilities served, and upcoming weekends.  

  • Faith Hope & Love In Christ - Dedicated to impacting at-risk people in and out of prison through the love of Jesus Christ in Illinois. Providing a calendar of events and scripture downloads.  

  • Forgotten Man Ministries - Provides Christian rehabilitation programs, worship services, and Bible correspondence courses for inmates.  

  • Freedom-Walk Prison Ministries - Using the power of Jesus Christ to change the lives of those involved in the incarceration process. Features church services, crusades, Bible studies, seminars and after care.  

  • GAP Prison Ministries - Bridging the gap that exists between the church that is inside of prison walls and the church that is on the outside.  

  • Giddings Epiphany - Information about the prison ministry for juveniles at the Giddings State School in Texas.  

  • Glory Prison Ministry - Focused on shepherding the inmate back into society by providing them with temporary housing, job placement, a church home and support services to the inmate's family.  

  • HopeAglow Ministries - Dedicated to reaching prisoners with the message of Christ's love. Features an events calendar, newsletter and Bible studies.  

  • J & K Ministries - Madeira Beach, Florida ministry focused on facilitating life skills, motivating life changes, and preparing inmates for life outside of prison. Features anger management, stress management, decision making and goal setting courses.  

  • Jesus Christ Prison Ministry - Sending Christian material to inmates throughout the United States. Site features Bible studies and inmate testimonies.  

  • Keryx Prison Ministry: Chippewa Area - A lay-led, interdenominational Christian based prison ministry using the Cursillo method from Conway, Michigan. Includes news, photos, prisons served, and testimonies.  

  • Living Praise Ministries - Sharing praise and worship services in prisons throughout the United States. Includes a prayer circle, newsletter and testimonies.  

  • Loved Ones Of PrisonerS - Dedicated to the support and restoration of prisoners and their families through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Provides correspondence courses, newsletters, support groups and prison seminars.  

  • Mike Barber Ministries - Former NFL player presenting salvation and spiritual renewal counseling through Jesus Christ to those behind bars. Features events calendar, testimonies and news updates.  

  • NewLife Behavior Ministries - Assisting inmates in reconciling with their families, society and God through seminars, courses and enrichment programs. Site features program updates, curriculum formats and a newsletter.  

  • Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry - Bringing Christian teachings to inmates seeking comfort and faith during their incarceration.  

  • Prison Fellowship Canada - Prayer-based Christian ministry dedicated to meeting the needs of those affected by crime.  

  • Prison Fellowship Ministries - Founded on the recognition that Jesus Christ alone has the authority and power to make broken lives new. Features volunteer opportunities, newsletters and articles by Chuck Colson.  

  • Prison Hope - Sharing hope and comfort with inmates and their families. Offers free Bible correspondence courses for Alabama inmates.  

  • Prison Impact Ministries - Helping raise the level of maturity in believers behind prison walls by providing tools and training to those involved in prison ministry.  

  • Prisoners of Hope Ministries - Provides Bible study material, counseling and group worship services for men and women incarcerated in prisons and jails across the country.  

  • - William Branham evangelizes to incarcerated inmates. Site provides doctrine, poems, news, prayer requests, and views on the death penalty.  

  • PrisonNet Prison Ministry Network - Goal is to help prison inmates learn about Jesus Christ and His teachings, in the hope that they will decide to commit their lives to following Him as their personal Savior and Lord.  

  • Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministries - Christian prison and jail ministry dedicated to helping the incarcerated and ex-offender. Helps inmates re-enter society and find Christ based drug and alcohol recovery homes and emergency services.  

  • Refuge Ministries Canada - Conducting chapel services in prisons across Canada and supporting released individuals in their transition to community life.  

  • Restoration House Ministries - A Christian outreach to those transitioning from prison to society based in Gadsden, Alabama.  

  • Set Free Prison Ministries - Offer Bible correspondence courses to prison inmates. Courses available and how the scheme works. Based in Northern California.  

  • Sharing Hope Ministry - Prison ministry in Texas provides a 12-Step Life Recovery Bibles, Bible studies, and a Christian pen pal program to women in Texas prisons and jails.  

  • The St. Dismas Prison Ministry - Creating an atmosphere in which inmates can change their hearts and lives. Services include prayer, a daily Eucharist and reconciliation opportunities.  

  • Victory Prison Ministries - A non-profit ministry with vision to have a Bible training center with a ranch setting or conference center, where prisoners who have a call to ministry can live, and be discipled, upon release from prison.  

  • Wingspread Prison Ministries - A ministry of Evangelistics for Christ in Northwest Arkansas that ministers to individual prisoners throughout the United States. Features resources, a newsletter, and links.  

  • Young Lions - Faith-based program relying on Biblical principles that has been designed for children and teenagers in youth detention facilities.

  • Kainos Community - A Christian based program in Great Britain which offers prisoners a challenge to change through offending behaviour intervention courses, workshops, supportive community living and social development.  

  • Kairos at Darrington - Information about the ministry serving the Texas prison unit.  

  • Kairos Australia - Includes events calendar, agape and prayer requests, and newsletters.  

  • Kairos Bartlett State Jail - Texas. Includes forms, contacts, and newsletter.  

  • Kairos Lompoc - Features newsletters, testimonies, forms, and documents.  

  • Kairos Mississippi - Includes team applications, schedules, and newsletters.  

  • Kairos of Alabama - Includes newsletter, schedule, and contacts.  

  • Kairos of Canada - Features event calendar, testimonials, photographs, and contacts.  

  • Kairos of Colorado - Includes newsletters and events.  

  • Kairos of Idaho - Features news, contacts, and calendar.  

  • Kairos of Louisiana - Features team applications, schedules, and institutions ministered to.  

  • Kairos of Maine - Features news, schedule, and applications.  

  • Kairos of New Mexico - Features prayer lists, forms, and upcoming events.  

  • Kairos of North Carolina - Regional division of national prison ministry. Features volunteer information, events schedule and a newsletter.  

  • Kairos of North Texas - Includes prison units served, events, and newsletter.  

  • Kairos of San Diego - Includes news, contacts, and fundraisng activities.  

  • Kairos of Southern California - Features forms, schedules, and newsletter.  

  • Kairos of Texas - Features weekend dates, contacts, and newsletter.  

  • Kairos of Virginia - Includes schedule, contacts, events, newsletters, and team applications.  

  • Kairos of West Virginia - Includes calendar, applications, institutions served, information about Kairos Outside.  

  • Kairos Ohio - Ohio region of international prison ministry. Features a calendar of events, contact information, articles and newsletters.  

  • Kairos Prison Ministry Gauteng - South Africa. Features events, purpose, and contact information.  

  • Kairos Prison Ministry of Georgia - Features news, contacts, and weekend schedule.  

  • Kairos Prison Ministry of Oklahoma - Includes calendar, programs, contact information, and forms.  

  • Kairos Prison Ministry South Africa - Includes newsletter, events, and contacts.



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